Can’t fight my instincts anymore
Not right to lead you on anymore
So I know what I need to do
And I know what it’s gonna do to you
But it’s time to stop this second-guessing
No more tears to cry, I’m done, I’m gone.
Surrender, surrender, it’s done…

Falling for Strangers

I’ll be ambiguous if you’re uncomfortable
No specifics if you’re uncomfortable
Won’t interrupt whatever’s new
I’m sure she’s lovely, if I know you
But do you think of me from time to time
I hope you do from time to time
And laugh at love so improvised…

Getting Drunk with Cats 10

I wanna make you smile, I wanna make you dance
I’ll prolly make you cry, if you give me the chance
I wanna make you feel, feel!
I wanna make you breakfast, wanna show you love
But not just you ones who act the way I want
Oh boy, I’m for real, real!…

My Missing Variable

I propose you lie next to me, baby
I hypothesize you’d be the perfect big spoon, let’s test my theory
I’m only approximate in my measurements, so I’m gonna need your assistance
If I’m to be accurate, baby
I think you’re the one when it comes to those lips, baby
My envy of your cigarettes had me perplexed when we met
But I’d ignore statistics and take the risk if you’d give me a kiss…