Creating Music and Joy:


Jackie King is a rare creature.


With a spirit the like of which can only be found in the wild.


Jackie King is an artist at heart; welcome to her world!

“And yet I can’t help but ache for beauty to be shaped out of what’s left of me.”

–Chasing Freedom from the new LP, Wonderful

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The past few days have been pure: See MoreSee Less

1 day ago

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Teresa Weiss BrunnerThat looks so cool…I need to put this on my bucket list.. Thanks for sharing.1   ·  24 hours ago

Kelly WeissBeautiful!16 hours ago

Kari CrownhartAwesome!!!19 hours ago

Stacy HetrickLol. The first word when I hit play — "Dior"! Lol. I thought it was part of the video, but it was a commercial for Dior makeup! I thought you’d love that!!!! Glad you’re having a good time. 😘18 hours ago

Comment on Facebook "Riff raff, street cat. I don’t buy that!" Meet my new friends: See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

I was obsessed with Coca-Cola long before Morocco! Proof: See MoreSee Less

4 days ago

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Carie VolkarI miss Italian fanta!!! I hate that we don’t have the real deal here in America.4 days ago

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  • Missed my cats’ birthday. They won’t even talk to me..
    [1 day ago]
  • Vaguely beginning to remember a smallish Spanish man climbing into my trunk last night… I think I like Spain.
    [1 day ago]
  • @its_hailiee xoxoxo Wish you were here! We’re in Spain now!!!
    [2 days ago]