Creating Music and Joy:


Jackie King is a rare creature.


With a spirit the like of which can only be found in the wild.


Jackie King is an artist at heart; welcome to her world!

“And yet I can’t help but ache for beauty to be shaped out of what’s left of me.”

–Chasing Freedom from the new LP, Wonderful

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Today is definitely a new day and you just made mine!! "At the Core" can be found here: 💙 See MoreSee Less

8 months ago

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Armando CappaI have always cheered for Jackie … :-)1   ·  8 months ago

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💌 "I wanna soak in your starlight, hold you close and call you mine." 💌 See MoreSee Less

8 months ago

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Stacy HetrickMy favorite!1   ·  8 months ago

Armando Cappasweet …. :-*1   ·  7 months ago

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Big thanks to everyone who watched and shared the new video!! It’s on the NPR site now too: along with an amazing variety of artists to sample. Happy Valentine’s Day weekend, loves! See MoreSee Less

8 months ago

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